Lenormand Snake Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Snake combinations was created to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but is meant to help you learn Lenormand. Soon, you will know how to make your own card combinations, and you’ll discover that the list of possible Lenormand card combinations is endless. Until then, let this list of Lenormand Snake card combinations guide you.

Snake + rider (1): help, news from a woman

Snake + clover (2): lucky woman, repair, good opportunity

Snake + ship (3): problems with a trip, journey by/with a woman,

Snake + house (4): problems at home, plumbing issues

Snake + tree (5): ill woman, female doctor

Snake + clouds (6): confusion, no solution

Snake + coffin (8): end of problems, ending for a woman

Snake + bouquet (9): two women, happy woman, positive resolution

Snake + scythe (10): surgery, recovery, attack by a woman

Snake + whip (11): fights, abuse, injury, trouble for a woman, promiscuity

Snake + birds (12): call from a woman, negotiations, slander

Snake + child (13): troublesome child, woman with a child, new start for a woman

Snake + fox (14): lies, female rival, bad employee, trouble at work

Snake + bear (15): business woman, a man and a woman, a woman and her mother, financial problems, mother-in-law

Snake + stars (16): psychic woman, challenging project

Snake + stork (17): difficult change, change for a woman, detour, changing skin

Snake + dog (18): friendly woman, woman with a dog, help

Snake + tower (19): lawsuit, female executive, independent woman

Snake + garden (20): woman in the public eye, bad social connection, news anchor woman, woman in PR

Snake + mountain (21): problems will last for a while, blocks

Snake + crossroad (22): uncertainty, running away, hiding

Snake + mice (23): things get worse, woman loses something, mental anxiety

Snake + heart (24): female rival, ex-girlfriend, cheating, seduction

Snake + ring (25): committed woman, compromise

Snake + book (26): unpleasant secret, secret mistress, woman hiding something

Snake + letter (27): message from a woman, bad news

Snake + man (28): cheater, trouble maker, man with a mistress

Snake + woman (29): woman with a girlfriend; woman with short, dark hair; cheater, liar

Snake + lily (30): sexual relationship, affair

Snake + sun (31): successful woman, problems resolve but may be costly

Snake + moon (32): illusion, deception, popular woman

Snake + key (33): luck, success for a woman, solution

Snake + fish (34): business or financial trouble, woman receives money

Snake + anchor (35): insecurity, woman settles

Snake + cross (36): burdened woman, abuse

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