Lenormand Star Card Combinations

These Lenormand Star combinations are intended to help you learn to read Lenormand card combinations. This isn’t an exhaustive list of card combinations. As you learn Lenormand, you’ll soon see that the number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let this guide to Lenormand Star card combinations help you in your studies.

Star + rider (1): great news, inspiration, dreams come true

Star + clover (2): success, good luck, happiness

Star + ship (3): dream vacation, something promising will happen during a trip, international reputation

Star + house (4): dream house, famous house

Star + tree (5): spiritual healing, destiny

Star + clouds (6): uncertainty, confusion

Star + snake (7): famous woman, problems reaching goals

Star + coffin (8): giving up, coming to an end

Star + bouquet (9): celebrity, good reputation, great happiness

Star + scythe (10): fast action, implementation

Star + whip (11): success, athlete

Star + birds (12): public speaker, conference, networking, famous couple

Star + child (13): famous child, successful new start

Star + fox (14): cunning idea, promotion

Star + bear (15): financial goals, investment ideas

Star + stork (17): positive change, change of mind

Star + dog (18): famous friend, lucky friend

Star + tower (19): success with officials, lofty goals

Star + garden (20): public event, party, well-received by the public

Star + mountain (21): slow progress, dreams are blocked

Star + crossroad (22): important decision, successful decision

Star + mice (23): fear of fame, loss of respect

Star + heart (24): crush, lucky love

Star + ring (25): contract is signed, good relationship

Star + book (26): bestseller, fortune teller, secret invention

Star + letter (27): recommendation, great news

Star + man (28): successful man, famous man

Star + woman (29): popular woman, psychic woman

Star + lily (30): older celebrity, success with/for an older man

Star + sun (31): big win, honor

Star + moon (32): honor, success, fame, creative ideas

Star + key (33): winner, awards, success

Star + fish (34): financial success, new ideas are financially rewarding

Star + anchor (35): long-term fame, hall of fame, legend

Star + cross (36): spiritual ideas, fate

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