Lenormand Tower Card Combinations

Let these Lenormand Tower combinations guide you in your Lenormand studies. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of Lenormand card combinations, it can help you learn how to read spreads and make your own card combinations. In time, you’ll soon see that the number of possible card combinations is endless. For now, let these Lenormand Tower card combinations be a guide in your studies.

Tower + rider (1): government messages, post office

Tower + clover (2): opportunity with authorities, lucky school

Tower + ship (3): airport, business trip

Tower + house (4): big house, apartment building

Tower + tree (5): hospital, meditation center

Tower + clouds (6): troubled government, uncertainty with authorities

Tower + snake (7): independent woman, problems with government, legal problems

Tower + coffin (8): cemetary, loneliness ends

Tower + bouquet (9): university party, positive legal outcome

Tower + scythe (10): legal decision, destruction

Tower + whip (11): gym, fitness center

Tower + birds (12): Congress, Parliament, legal worries

Tower + child (13): college, university, adoption agency

Tower + fox (14): civil service employee, corporate employee, government deception

Tower + bear (15): financial company, bank, protecting finances

Tower + star (16): loneliness while pursuing dreams, guarded dreams

Tower + stork (17): government change, safe change

Tower + dog (18): protecting a friend

Tower + garden (20): hospital, public building

Tower + mountain (21): government roadblocks, loneliness

Tower + crossroad (22): lonely decision, lonely path, government options

Tower + mice (23): corporate loss, university loss

Tower + heart (24): lonely relationship, separation

Tower + ring (25): government contract

Tower + book (26): teacher, professor

Tower + letter (27): notice from authorities

Tower + man (28): tall man, government employee, executive

Tower + woman (29): arrogant woman, lonely woman, corporate executive

Tower + lily (30): senior’s center, senator

Tower + sun (31): government leader, success with public authorities

Tower + moon (32): creative enterprise, emotional protection

Tower + key (33): success with legal authorities, independence, strong protection

Tower + fish (34): bank, trade center

Tower + anchor (35): port, long-term protection

Tower + cross (36): problems with authorities, church, temple

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