Lenormand Tree Card Combinations

This list of Lenormand Tree combinations is designed to help you get started in reading Lenormand. It isn’t a complete list, but is designed to help you grow in your studies. As you work with the petit Lenormand, you will learn how to make your own combinations. In time, you’ll find that the list of combinations never ends. Until then, let this list of Lenormand Tree card combinations serve as your guide while you learn.

Tree + rider (1): health related news, an ill young man

Tree + clover (2): recovery from illness

Tree + ship (3): car repair, ambulance, spiritual journey

Tree + house (4): tree house, house needing repairs, stable health

Tree + clouds (6): uncertainty about an illness, mental confusion

Tree + snake (7): female doctor, nurse, ill woman, physical problems, yoga master

Tree + coffin (8): depression, major illness

Tree + bouquet (9): nature, good health

Tree + scythe (10): surgery

Tree + whip (11): pain, exercise, long-term illness

Tree + birds (12): forest, health or spiritual conversations

Tree + child (13): ill child, new start in health, New Year’s Resolutions

Tree + fox (14): health care worker, misdiagnosis

Tree + bear (15): diet, obesity, eating disorder, expensive illness

Tree + stars (16): being in nature at night, medical treatment

Tree + stork (17): recovery

Tree + dog (18): doctor, soul mate, sick dog

Tree + tower (19): hospital, doctor’s office

Tree + garden (20): garden, hospital, spa

Tree + mountain (21): fatigue, illness connected to blockages, delays in recovery

Tree + crossroad (22): life changing decision

Tree + mice (23): stress, illness, health deterioration

Tree + heart (24): heart problems

Tree + ring (25): spiritual connection, life long partnership, going around in circles about your health

Tree + book (26): health exam, unknown health problem

Tree + letter (27): prescription, lab results

Tree + man (28): ill man, healer

Tree + woman (29): ill woman, healer

Tree + lily (30): sexual disease, age related health problems

Tree + sun (31): great health, energetic

Tree + moon (32): depression, mental/emotional health

Tree + key (33): recovery, destiny

Tree + fish (34): an increase in money

Tree + anchor (35): stable health

Tree + cross (36): suffering, depression

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