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Advanced Techniques for Reading the Petit Lenormand Grand Tableau – Part I

Once you’re familiar and comfortable with the Basic Guidelines for Reading with the Petit Lenormand, you’re ready to add a little more meat to your readings. What follows are some of the main techniques used to read the Lenormand Grand Tableau (9×4 or 8X4+4).

Each of the techniques have their uses, and some are better than others, but I will leave it to you to make up your own mind as to their usefulness, and whether they appeal to you. I do have my preferred methods, and normally stick to only 2 or 3 advanced techniques to interpret the Grand Tableau for my clients. If you add…

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List of Lenormand Card Combinations

These are the Lenormand card combinations I use when I read Lenormand. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but is a good place for you to start as you learn Lenormand. As you practice with the cards, you’ll see that the combinations don’t apply to all situations. In time, you’ll come up with your own combinations, but until then, these can aid you as you learn.

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How to Read Lenormand Card Combinations

Lenormand card combinations are based on your experience with the cards. The more you read Lenormand, the easier it will become for you to combine Lenormand cards to create sentences. For now, allow me to give you some tips to help speed things up for you. I’m going to assume you’ve already been practicing with single card spreads – learning the cards meaning, how Lenormand speaks to you, and so on. So let’s begin…

Rider Lenormand 2

Petit Lenormand

Research by Detlef Hoffmann indicates that the Petit Lenormand can be clearly traced back to an oracle called ‘Das Spiel der Hofnung (sic) / Le jeu de l’espérance’ (The Game of Hope), published around 1800 by G.P.J. Bieling in Nuremberg, Germany. This suggests clearly that publishers of the time tried to capitalize on Mlle Lenormand’s good name, and re-branded the Game of Hope: ‘Le Petit Jeu Lenormand’ shortly after Mlle Lenormand’s death in 1843.

If the Petit Lenormand wasn’t Mlle Lenormand’s creation, then what did she use?