Advanced Techniques for Reading the Petit Lenormand Grand Tableau – Part 2

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  1. Vandana says:

    Question- What order are the cards that knight another meant to be read in? I am unable to see a patterns between them except that they are all the ‘knighted’ positions, thus concluing a relationship between them, giving insights into a card aspect.

    Observation – Another way I see that knighted cards could be interpreted is this:
    In the woman’s example, card 3 is infulencing card 21 (mountain) of her past. Cards 20 and 1 have the key (highest) influence on card 22 (choice) of her present (being the knighted cards)….and so on.

    • Stephen says:

      Order doesn’t matter when knighting the cards. The knighting cards simply give additional information about the card they are knighting.

      Great observation! What you noticed is another technique for reading the cards. In this article, I was only focusing on how to knight cards. However, as you observed, all the cards in a GT relate to one another. It isn’t a matter of isolating one or two cards. That’s why it can take hours to read a single GT, and so much information can be gathered.

  2. Solaris says:

    Question from a novice: What happens when one “person” card is knighted by another “person” card? Would this mean that they are the same person, or only that the qualities / motives of one apply to the other? Here is an actual example: In a GT spread for a married woman, the sequence is Dog-Anchor-Woman (in the same row), with Man immediately underneath Woman (in the same column). Dog is knighted by Man (and, of course, vice versa). Assuming that Man is the woman’s husband and we are trying to get an insight into him, this knighting would suggest that he is a loyal friend to his wife (i.e., Man=Dog). But looking at it from the Dog standpoint (who is this Dog in her life?), the knighting would suggest that Dog is a male friend – or even a lover (i.e. another man in her life). I understand that this is taken out of the GT context, and that the other cards should help clarify the picture, but I am curious about the principle of knighting in such a case.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Solaris, and thank you for your question..!

      I find that knighting reveals someone’s thoughts, so if someone ends up being knighted by the man or woman, it would mean that such a person is on that person’s mind. If you’re trying to define if they are the same person, then you look at Mirroring (what the person projects around them; how they appear to others). In your example, I would have simply knighted the man to find out what he’s thinking/behaving: Man knights Dog (Man is faithful, loyal and dedicated). Adding anything else just confuses the whole reading. Start with the main subject you’re interested in (the Man) and analyze him.

      If you suspect that she has a lover and is not being loyal, you need to look for other cards to support that theory in the spread (and the cards will usually be quite clear on the matter when looking into someone’s actions/thoughts). Given you’ve got both the man and woman cards out, start reading from both to see what you can pick-up.

      I hope this helps, and keep on practicing..!


  3. Solaris says:


    Another question: does the nature of the cards that are jumped over in knighting matter? For example: if the lady and gentleman cards knight each other, I assume that means they are thinking of, or preoccupied by, one another. Would you say that the 2 cards (the 2 spaces) that are jumped over in the knighting maneuver reveal something about the nature or circumstances of their thinking? Or do they tell us something else – if anything – and the insight about their mutual preoccupation would come from the other cards that each of them knights?

  4. Vanessa says:

    Oh this is GREAT, everything you have on here is great. i had a great Lenormand reading from someone and I knew had to get one (I already read Tarot, Runes, Collection casting etc…) and this was my first exposure. But when i bought mine I knew immediately from reading the booklet that the information was WAY incomplete to o a decent reading with them. I still haven’t done one. i have been getting to know tha cards instead, and reading on here, which is just amazing. because I already read Nine Worlds Rune castings and Collection cast, the idea of reading things in relationship to each other is familiar and I like it a lot. Keep up the good work, and many thanks.

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