Petit Lenormand Love Relationships – Part 2

In Petit Lenormand Love Relationships – Part I, we examined joiner cards and how close two cards are to each other in order to determine relationships. Of course, when looking at cards that join two people, we’re hoping to see some cards with good influences…

If you’ve applied the techniques in Part I, then you’ve looked at the Woman and Man cards to see how close they are and if they have joiner cards. If they are close to each other, hopefully the joiner cards are clear, but what happens if there are no obvious relationship joiner cards? What about when the woman and man cards are far from each other, but closer to other court cards…?

Signs to look out for that indicate relationships:

When Man and Woman cards land side by side without any joiner cards: normally indicates a separation. It assumes that there isn’t anything holding them together. It’s like the two might be close (as in living under the same roof), but they each stay in their separate corners, avoiding one another. They might be going through the motions for everyone else to see, but otherwise these two might feel like they have nothing in common anymore. There is no joy, no love… There is no glue holding these two together, and we may well be seeing the signs that a separation is in the works.

When the Man and woman have strong joiner cards between them: usually means that the relationship is strong and dynamic. Look to see if you can tell at what stage their union is at by looking at the obligations they have together. Do you see children? Do you see a ring and love, as well as happiness? If you see aggressive joiner cards, there might be a lot of tension. These two might be in an abusive relationship, or they might be at each others’ throats, or simply going through a rough patch. Remember, we are interpreting things as they currently are between the two, this might well change in a few weeks…

When the Woman card is closer to another Court card, but seems to have links to the Man card: a sign that, at the time they are consulting you, the woman might be feeling closer to the Court card vs. the Man card (she might feel closer to someone other than her significant other). Is this the sign of an affair? Not necessarily, but it is certainly a clue that you should look deeper at the cards joining the Court card and the Woman. For all you know, the Court card is simply a good friend and a confidant, and most often than not, everything is kosher. If you suspect an affair, look for signs in the cards around the Court and Woman card.

The Man card is closer to a Court card than the Woman card: same as for the Woman card above, but from a male consultant’s point of view.

When the Man and Woman cards are very far apart and not even influencing each other: usually a sign that the person is unattached.

When the Man or Woman cards have relationship joiner cards with cards of the same sex (Man with a King card/Woman with a Queen card): a firm indication that the person is probably in a same sex relationship.

The above examples are only a few key signs about relationships, and they are by no means exhaustive. These are only clues that you need to look out for…which are there to guide you. There are different techniques that can confirm these hunches for you, which I will cover in Petit Lenormand Love Relationships – Part III.

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  1. yiota says:

    heart + fish what does this mean? increasing love may be?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Yiota,

      It can have a variety of meanings – materialism; love of money; 2 men; someone in a love-related business, such as a matchmaker. The exact meaning depends on the context, such as the question and other cards in the spread. It’s really more of a platonic love than a romantic love.

  2. yiota says:

    thanks for the answer
    please i’d like some help, in the grand tableau i had this combonation

    i’ve red that man and woman side by side is not a good thing separated it means and its true,
    what about the rest? it concerns only him , or maybe me too ?
    thank you again

    • Stephen says:

      Sorry for the delay in a reply. I’m assuming the cards are on the same row. When there’s nothing between the man and the woman, it pretty much means there’s nothing between them. They may not be in a relationship, or if they are, it may not be a strong one. Again, if the clover, bouquet and heart are on the same row, then that’s the future for them. It might be for them as individuals rather than as a couple. You really have to look at all the cards in the spread to know what is going on.

      You might also want to check out our forum at for faster answers.

  3. yiota says:

    thanks for the answer,
    yes on the same row, it’s a nice future for both then
    that’s ok

    thanks again
    i’ll check forum next time


  4. Andre says:

    Hello.Cant wait for you to post “heart” combinations.Cant find what “mountain” and “heart” combination does it mean.Can you tell me pls ?thanks.

  5. anon says:

    hi i disagree with man + woman with no joiner cards in between…. does not mean no love or no glue.. i dont feel… can you find a positive ‘spin’ on what the two together could mean.. what about man + woman and then ring? would that be positive? what if other positive cards are around those two.. thanks

    • Stephen says:

      Other cards around them will always add more information, but if there are no cards between the Man and the Woman, there is nothing between them – no cards are connecting them to each other. You don’t have the Heart to show love or passion. You don’t have the Ring or Anchor to show some kind of commitment. You just have a Man and a Woman. That’s all.

      Man + Woman + Ring is a different combination altogether, but it doesn’t mean the Man and the Woman are in a relationship with each other or have any commitment to one another. The Ring falls outside the combination of Man + Woman.

  6. solaris says:

    “When the Man or Woman cards have relationship joiner cards with cards of the same sex… it would be a firm indication that the person is probably in a same sex relationship.” I am looking at a spread in which the Woman is joined to the Snake (another woman card) by the Ring, to her left, and to the Stork (also a woman card) by the Heart, to her right. Yet I know for a fact that this woman is not in a same-sex relationship and has no interest in the same sex – in fact, she is in a conflicted situation with two men (if it matters, the Man card is quite far away from her). What other interpretations would you suggest in this case?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Solaris, and thank you for your question!

      You’re right, it doesn’t always signify same sex and you should always look for clues in the surrounding cards before blurting something out of the sort..! 🙂

      Snake + Ring could mean that a woman with dark hair has a commitment to her that isn’t easily brushed aside. The Woman + Heart + Stork combination isn’t necessarily love for another woman either. The Stork is about change and can also be about wanting children (if you see them near the stork), so in this case I would imagine that she’s like to see a change of sorts (in fact the change would warm her heart).

      If I were you, I would mirror/knight the people cards for more indications to see more characteristics that she could recognize. I would also look at what’s influencing the heart to see if it is a happy change or not. Look for things that knight the heart card. Does the heart knight the scythe, the mice, the clouds? If so, that heart is more heartache than love.

      Hope this helps,

      PS: If you take out the Snake as a woman, then you have Snake as a worrisome problem with a Relationship… again, look around, knight and mirror to see who is acting like a snake.

  7. Maggie says:

    Hi and thank you for the awesome website!
    I just started studying Lenormand. Bit different from tarot. I’m hoping you might clarify the love cards technique. I had gotten woman-ring-lily-man in my GT. I have tried to figure out if this mix means an ex is resurfacing or if the bond between my current boyfriend and I is strengthened.
    Do I look to the heart in the spread to find the relationship details or are the joining cards between the man and woman what is important?
    Thank you

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Maggie, I’m glad you like the site!

      It’s hard to give you some interpretation advice on a GT without seeing the whole thing. Perhaps if you joined us on the forum at: you could share it with the rest of the group and we could learn from your example. It would help you and the others at the same time.


  8. ramiku says:

    Hi, I love your blog, Im new to lenormand, but Im interested in this relationship reading, where is the 3rd part? cant wait, thks

  9. ramiku says:

    Hi Stephen, I’ve tried to do some grand table reading, the one with 9×4 spreads, what if the man and woman cards don’t fall in such positions so they don’t have the same reflection cards? The woman falls in first row fifth column while the man in second row first column, how do I connect them? Because the question is about love, I’m confused, thanks a lot

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Ramiku,

      GTs are harder to interpret over posts like this… by the sound of things he’s in the house of the Scythe, and the woman is in the house of the Tree. They would both meet in the house of the Fox (Family), and in the house of the Rider…


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