How to Buy the Best Lenormand Deck

It can be a challenge to buy the best Lenormand deck, especially if you’re just starting with Lenormand.

You see, Lenormand reads differently from Tarot. It focuses on the basic meanings of the cards and combines the cards to create sentences that tell a story.

Tarot, on the other hand, focuses on the images on the cards – the colors, the symbolism, faces, actions, and impressions – to create the story. This allows Tarot cards to tell a different story from one deck to the next.

It’s not the same with Lenormand. The Rider will always mean a message or someone coming to see you, regardless of the deck. It doesn’t matter whether the Rider looks like he’s going into battle or like a rider for the Pony Express. The meaning remains the same.

With the popularity of Lenormand on the rise, so are the number of decks. Unfortunately, many of the decks are being created by artists with little to no experience with Lenormand, hoping to create fast money from Lenormand’s popularity by charging you $30 a deck. Others are being created by people who are trying to create decks to help them learn Lenormand themselves, and then selling the decks despite many errors in the design.

That isn’t to say that none of the new decks on the market are good. It just means that you have to be really careful.

If you’re new to Lenormand, it can be hard to identify a well-designed deck. It’s easy to pick the “pretty” deck, only to realize that it’s hard to learn Lenormand with it because it wasn’t created by someone who understands Lenormand.

So which Lenormand Deck is the best to buy?

  1. It’s best to stick with a simple and clear deck, especially if you’re just starting out. You want a deck that will allow you to focus on the meaning of the cards, not on whether a ladybug sitting on a blade of grass looks happy.
  2. Pick a deck with numbers on the cards (1-36). Numbers are helpful for quickly writing down a spread (22-34 is so much faster than crossroad-fish – yes, you will learn the numbers quickly :) ) and for learning advanced techniques like houses.
  3. Pick a deck with playing card inserts. The playing card inserts are like a little cheat sheet to help you remember which cards, like the Clouds, can also represent people.
  4. Most importantly, pick a deck that you like. Hopefully, you’re going to be using your Lenormand deck for many years to come, so buy a Lenormand deck you enjoy


Recommended Lenormand Decks for Beginners

Piatnik Deck of 36 Cards – This deck by Piatnik is nice and sturdy, so it will last you for years. The cards are smaller, making it easier to find a spot to lay out a Grand Tableau.




French Cartomancy – This deck is slightly bigger than the deck above by Piatnik. It’s also a little less sturdy, but should still last you quite some time. The Little White Book that comes with this deck deviates from traditional Lenormand and includes reversals. For that reason, I recommend tossing the book and learning Lenormand properly.



Lenormand Orakelkarten – blaue Eule – This is a classic version of the Blue Owl deck that has stood the test of time. The Little White Book is in German, but you can find all the information you need to learn Lenormand on this site for free.





8 Responses to “How to Buy the Best Lenormand Deck”

  1. Those are great recommendations, Lord Ewin! If you don’t mind, I’d like to add my website, where you can find many reproductions of historical decks that are simple and great for learning!

    • Hi Catherine! I’ll be in touch with you shortly about affiliating our sites. Cheers! LE

    • Thank you. I think the more categories you have the beettr really. And I am a strong believer in reading the artists introduction to the decks because they point out things you wouldn’t really have noticed. It is still my favourite deck after all these years!

      • Thanks Chandra! I don’t favor reading the artist’s introduction to the decks because it’s completely unnecessary with Lenormand. The images in Lenormand aren’t read like they’re read in Tarot. It’s the meanings that matter, not the artwork. The information the artists provide can be interesting, but it won’t improve one’s ability to read Lenormand.

        • Hi, could I ask your opinion of the Mystical Lenormande? I bought it and I quite enjoy it but I think there are quite busy in terms of the imagery and maybe quite distracting.

          • Stephen says:

            Hi Andrew, I don’t recommend the Mystical Lenormand for beginners for that reason. I have found that simpler decks, such as the ones I listed above, are better when first learning Lenormand. While the Mystical is a beautiful deck, it can be too easy to focus on the images rather than on what the cards are saying.

  2. For a long time I have wanted to learn tarot, but it’s been off and on, and I haven’t felt that “connected” to them. When I found the blue owl deck, I felt an instant connection to it! I love them, they’re beautiful and mysterious yet straight forward as well.

    • Hi Laurel,

      I’m very glad that you’re enjoying your new cards! It’s so nice when cards inspire, isn’t it!?

      To your continued success,

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