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As you can see, we will be focusing our attention on the Lenormand Oracles (Great and Small), as well as anything to do with the lady that was the inspiration in naming these oracles in the first place, Mlle Lenormand herself. As time progresses, we hope to add more and more information on her divination methods, who and what influenced her occult education, and more importantly: what could have been her own methods.

For those of you wanting to follow in her footsteps, we will continue to research and expand our historical information. For those of you just plain nuts about divination, oracles and Tarot; you are not forgotten! Mlle Lenormand was an avid occult student, having delved into Astrology, Cartomancy, and Palmistry, as well as an odd assortment of odds and ends like tea leaf reading and oomancy (the art of analyzing an egg white as it floats in hot water). If you can think of it, she’s probably done it, and while we won’t cover every subject, we will try to provide you with details.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse the site for information:

Information on who is Mlle Lenormand
Information on the Petit Lenormand
Information on the Grand Jeu Lenormand

Want to make your own oracle? A possible influence: Etteilla


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