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How to Read Lenormand Card Combinations

Lenormand card combinations are based on your experience with the cards. The more you read Lenormand, the easier it will become for you to combine Lenormand cards to create sentences. For now, allow me to give you some tips to help speed things up for you. I’m going to assume you’ve already been practicing with single card spreads – learning the cards meaning, how Lenormand speaks to you, and so on. So let’s begin…

Rider Lenormand 2

Petit Lenormand

Research by Detlef Hoffmann indicates that the Petit Lenormand can be clearly traced back to an oracle called ‘Das Spiel der Hofnung (sic) / Le jeu de l’espérance’ (The Game of Hope), published around 1800 by G.P.J. Bieling in Nuremberg, Germany. This suggests clearly that publishers of the time tried to capitalize on Mlle Lenormand’s good name, and re-branded the Game of Hope: ‘Le Petit Jeu Lenormand’ shortly after Mlle Lenormand’s death in 1843.

If the Petit Lenormand wasn’t Mlle Lenormand’s creation, then what did she use?

Ace of Diamonds Petit Etteilla 14

Petit Etteilla

Would you like to make a deck that Mlle Lenormand herself might have used? If so, excellent!!

What follows is how to make your own Petit Etteilla deck, Mlle Lenormand’s very first divination deck!

Those that have looked into Mlle Lenormand’s life and read her books agree that she probably did not invent the Oracle cards that now bear her name. As a curious student of her arts, I will keep searching for answers, but one thing that has influenced her is another French Cartomancer that was also in Paris

Grand Jeu Lenormand Spread 3

How to Read the Grand Jeu Lenormand

Before you start, if you don’t have your own copy of the Grand Jeu yet, Jeannette and Dan from tarotgarden.com have copies of the Astro Mythological Lenormand for sale. Given the Grand Jeu’s complexity, I also highly recommend you keep some notes! So, make sure you have your favorite diary or some pens and paper ready…!

Now, let’s get started on how to read the the Grand Jeu Lenormand!!

The first thing you need to know is…

lenormand fish 2

Lenormand Fish Card Combinations

These Lenormand Fish card combinations were created to help you learn to read Lenormand combinations. They aren’t designed to be memorized because, as you’ll soon learn, the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. Until then, let these Lenormand Fish card combinations guide you.