Petit Lenormand Card Meanings


Cartomancy vs. Petit Lenormand Card Meanings
Cartomancy Lenormand (Traditional) Lenormand (Love / Family) Lenormand (Modern)
01 – Rider (9)
The Wish Card; success, victory, realizing a dream.
Important Messages

Positive: someone new enters your life / catches your eye; news from afar

Negative: Lack of commitment; bad news; reacts instead of thinking things through

Positive: A delivery, registered mail. Quick to react; international postal service

Negative: poor attention to detail; many projects on the go, and can’t finish what they start

02 – Clover (6)
Credit; Loans; Investments; a small amount of money; holding things in; shy, nervous or withdrawn (something impedes growth).
Luck / Creativity

Positive: a chance meeting, unexpected flirting/visitor; happy moments with friends; creative; lucky

Negative: one night stands; falling in love and out of love quickly; lack of creativity; down on your luck

Positive: Creativity, brainstorming, a small promotion, or recognition for work done

Negative: Lack of creativity; poor planning; not being recognized; passed over for a promotion

03 – Ship (10♠)
Theft (physical, emotional); Being taken advantage of; Fears and Worries; Night time.
Travel; Start of a New Ventures
long distance relationship, leaving love or someone behind; someone from far away (another state, near the sea)
the start of enterprise, putting your eggs in one basket; travel for business or pleasure
04 – House (K)
A father figure, a husband; a man that is loved; a man that cares about the person being read; or of importance to that person.
Home, Where someone feels the most secure
Familiar, warm, comforting, and secure
05 – Tree (7)
Peace and contentment; Reflection; being before god; at the altar; repetition; peaceful surroundings
Health, Roots

Positive: a strong karmic relationship; good health;

Negative: karmic issues stunting personal evolution; bad health; bad habits

06 – Clouds (K♣)
A mature (usually married) man with brown hair; usually good business sense
Confusion; Sadness; Depression
Confusion; Sadness; Depression
Confusion; Sadness; Depression
07 – Snake (Q♣)
A woman with brown hair; someone that likes being active; good judgement; likes being involved
Selfish / Calculating Enemy

Positive: someone that likes to seduce others; goes for what they want

Negative: someone that is selfish, thinks of only themselves; an enemy.

08 – Coffin (9)
Financial Growth; Profit; Someone is relying on you to succeed; a public servant
Death and Transformation
The natural end of a relationship
Sickness, need of rest; visit to a hospital
09 – Bouquet (Q♠)
A dark-haired woman; a divorced woman; a woman that takes charge
Happiness; Beauty
Joyful moments spent laughing and in good cheer.
Gifts; a Surprise; small attentions that make you feel good.
10 – Scythe (J)
A young person (male or female) with dirty blond hair. Restless and nervous energy; hyperactive; Intelligent and quick of wit. Touched by money.
Cutting; Swift Repercussions; Danger; Accidents
The sudden end of something. Look at the cards surrounding the scythe to see what is affected.

The sudden end of something. Look at the cards surrounding the scythe to see what is affected.

Sometimes surgery.

11 – Whip (J♣)
A young person (male/female) with brown hair. Person that likes sports and staying busy
Self-punishment; Anger; Conflict

Positive: Sports; Exercise; steamy sexual encounters; S&M role-playing; rough fun.

Negative: Self-punishment; Degrading acts; lovers’ quarrel

Positive: Negotiations; clearing the air; addressing issues as they crop up…

Negative: Self-punishment; Beating yourself up; Anger; Arguments with co-workers.

12 – Birds (7)
Talents; Psychic; Good money sense; a large raise; a substantial amount of money
Verbal Communication; Small problems / misunderstandings to overcome; comings and goings.
An old couple; problems understanding each other
Text messaging; a succession of short meetings or messages; communication.
13 – Child (J♠)
Young person with dark hair; someone that likes taking charge; an officer of the law
Children; Something New

Positive: Childhood friends; a new beginning; children.

Negative: Immaturity; failing to plan adequately

14 – Fox (9♣)
Promotion; New responsibilities at work; Fate pushing you into the right direction; Distance
Not following laws or expectations; doing the unexpected; deception

Positive: Doing what’s needed to take care of family

Negative: Deceit; outright lies; lack of trust or respect.

Positive: Hard work; being sly and cunning.

Negative: Resorting to illegal activities to get ahead;

15 – Bear (10♣)
Making progress with work; plowing ahead towards success; reaching a deal; travel near water.
A protector; A Mother figure; Strength

Positive: a mother figure, a protector; a no-nonsense type of person

Negative: overbearing; intimidating; aggressive behaviour

Positive: A coach, a physical trainer; football players; body building; being assertive.

Negative: Overbearing boss; overworked; aggressive; bullying.

16 –Stars (6)
Attraction; a karmic relationship; a brother or male friend; a love affair

Destiny; Fate; Fame
Star-crossed Lovers; dreaming or pining over someone; he loves me; he loves me not….
A promotion; recognition; camping; hiking; the great outdoors.
17 – Stork (Q)
Mother figure; a woman that is loved; the person being read for if reading a woman.
Change; Pregnancy
This card is always about change. Look at the surrounding cards to get an idea of what it is affecting.
This card is always about change. Look at the surrounding cards to get an idea of what it is affecting.
18 – Dog (10)
Building lasting Foundations (with someone, by yourself); Grounding Yourself; Returning to Nature
Loyalty; Trust; Dependable; Friends
A very good and loyal friend; someone you know well and trust.
Someone who has your best interest at heart for example Doctors, Financial Advisors; Accountants… look at the surrounding cards to get more information.
19 – Tower (6♠)
Letting go; cleaning to making room; out with the old, in with the new; divorce
Looking out; Protection; Solitary; confinement (prison)

Positive: Actively looking for love; looking for relationships.

Negative: Loneliness and seclusion.

Corporations; Government entities; Public Offices; Organizations; Airports; High rises; Also self-reliance; independence; forward planning; looking for opportunities.
20 – Garden (8♠)
Health Professionals; Rest; Sunday;
Circles of Friends, Acquaintances; Festivities; Gatherings
Circle of friends; relatives; family parties.
The office; people you work with; networking; online communities (Facebook)
21 – Mountain (8♣)
Business; Work; Looking for Work; Marketing yourself
Blockages; Trouble; A nemesis.

Positive: A desire to overcome obstacles in order to find love or come to an understanding. Ardent desire for someone or something (look to see if the feeling is mutual).

Negative: Infatuations that prevents you from moving on.

Blockage; someone stopping your progress; hindrance; something holding you back.
22 – Crossroads (Q)
A mature woman with dirty blond hair; someone who is intelligent and quick of wit. Touched by money.
A Decision

Positive: a shared path; roads crossing; new possibilities.

Negative: Leaving things behind; walking out; change of heart.

In health readings respiratory passages; nose, throat, lungs. Could also relate to circulatory system; arteries, etc.

23 – Mice (7♣)

Hard at work; an altercation; Spiritual / Occult Learnings; Studying
Fears; theft;

Positive: systematically chewing away at a problem.

Negative: Worries; nervousness; burnouts;

24 – Heart (J)
A young person; a lover; someone that is cherished. Unmarried or immature.
Love; Passion; Attraction

Positive: A lover; someone who is loved and cherished.

Negative: An affair, sex without commitment; a player.

25 – Ring (A♣)
A legal document; Military Service; Duty to Country
A legal document; a contract; an engagement; an obligation

Positive: A strong bond between two people

Negative: Staying together due to obligation rather than for love.

26 – Book (10)
A very large sum of money; financial stability; material success; a psychic
Secrets; Knowledge; Studying

Positive: Being discreet; Eloping; Keeping things hush-hush.

Negative: Hiding an affair; outright deceit

Positive: Security Clearance; “Need to know”; Classified Information; A code of law; the Bible

Negative: Censorship; Conspiracies; Deceiving the public; Propaganda.

27 – Letter (7♠)
A setback; a blockage; something stands in your way; stagnation; frustration
Written Exchanges
Lover letters; pen pals.
Emails; memos; bills and official correspondence.
28 – Gentleman (A)
Home; seat of the Soul
The subject if reading for a man; a man of importance to a woman being read; a soul mate
29 – Lady (A♠)
Death; The end of a cycle / New beginnings through a Transformation
The subject if reading for a woman; a woman of importance to a man being read; a soul mate
30 – Lily (K♠)
A dark-haired man; a divorced man; a judge; a CEO; a person that can take charge; suspicious and overly cautious.
Age; Wisdom; Law

Positive: mature; old age; experience; sexual appetite.

Negative: Sexual deviance. Cold hearted; cradle robber.

Judges; Public Office; Lawyers; Politicians;
31 – Sun (A)
Money; an important message or a letter; an engagement ring
Opportunities; Success

Positive: Someone that is affectionate, has lots of love to give; is positive; caring; happy; generous.

Negative: Not caring enough; lack of empathy; winter of the heart

Positive: Business success; profits; Lots of opportunities; A market on the rise

Negative: Stunted financial growth; downwards trending market; scarcity of opportunities.

32 – Moon (8)
Shared Love / Feelings of Admiration; Sharing feelings; Satisfaction
Reoccurring events; cycles; psychic activity

Romantic fantasies; daydreaming about love.

Psychology; Instincts; Repressed memories; taking the spot light; night shift
33 – Key (8)
Managing Money; Accounting; Taxes; Budgeting; Financial Planning
Potential for success; points to important pitfalls to avoid.
Highlights the areas in your relationship that need attention.

Key areas that you need to carefully consider before moving forward with a decision.

Business Planning; highlights the need to have a Plan B.

34 – Fish (K)
A mature man with dirty blond hair; Restless and nervous; intelligent and quick of wit; Touched by money.
Money; Profit; Resources
A relationship with a soul mate.
Entrepreneurs; Trade; Commerce
35 – Anchor (9♠)
Justice; what goes around, comes around. Punishing yourself; violence
A stop; the need to reassess;
an open-ended relationship (common law) where you are free to go or stay.
Seasonal work; Consulting;
36 – Cross (6♣)
Taking the initiative; doing something; taking charge. Seeking more Education; learning; etc.
Burdens that one must carry themselves; life lessons.
Suffering in silence. Un requited love.

Sacrificing for the greater good.

Religious beliefs.